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I am by no means a fan of hers, and I don't really follow what she does or happens to her too closely...I only know what I've read on the cover's of magazine's at the grocery store checkout...but when I came online a few minutes ago and read the headline's on came across this:

Anna Nicole Smith, dies at the age of 39

It's just a little...strange that her son died less than 6 months ago...and the whole thing going on with her baby girl...a part of me thinks that maybe this was a suicide.  So many people constantly hounding her...her son, gone...

They're supposed to be doing an autopsy soon, so they'll find out what happened...all the article really says, is that she collapsed at a hotel, and was found unresponsive.

It's moments like this that really make you cherish your health, and make you realize that at any given moment...any given second....something could happen.  I guess that's why I thank God everyday for allowing me to wake up and be with my family.


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