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is a little of the good life.

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btw, your friends banner is CUUTE!

awwww thank you! lol i've been messin' around on my computer...still learning how to make graphics and stuff

Is it only me, or can I not see your posts?

When was the last time you posted?

I just posted today...I haven't posted anything since I put up the friends only sign....I hope I set it up did you make yours friends only??? All I have to do is, when I'm done with typing my update, just click privacy-friends right?

Yep that's all I do too. :D

hmmm....hopefully it's working now :) I still have a card that I'm gonna be sending you. There's no letter or anything with's just a card for you and your fiance about your new daughter :)

Super cute!! Where have you been? Haven't seen your posts lately?

can ya do me a favor? Will you check my livejournal again and tell me if you can read the post I just entered today? I'm not sure if it's working right...

woohoo!! it's working :) thank you!

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